Ethnobotanical Wisdom 

The traditions of all cultures have always used plant-based biologics for the foundation of their healing. Intelligent Remedies relies on the accumulated wisdom of traditional sources for the development of its Phytotherapeutic Formulations. Working with Hawaiian healers and employing herbal medica from throughout the world, Intelligent Remedies selects the finest organic and /or wildcrafted biologic source material known to have a long history of demonstrated effectiveness in human use for its products.


Plants known to be safe and effective, such as Turmeric Root (a biologic recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties) are combined with other well-known biologics and brought through the Phytotherapeutic process, assuring a safe and effective product.

Our company is engaged in the development, formulation, and production of branded Phytotherapeutic for sale in the Complementary and Alternative medicinal product markets. The Company’s production facilities are located in Maui, Hawaii where it operates Phytotherapeutic facilities, focusing on the production of products used to restore health and prevent disease. 


The Company’s Phytotherapeutic products include: "Curecumin" - Organic Turmeric Extract, "Curecumin" Organic Nasal Spray, "BRAINfactor" a BDNF rich Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract, "SOLIDsleep" a sleeping aid, "Virility" to enhance sexual performance, and "TeleMax" The Telomere Longevity Formula.