Phytotherapeutic Formulations  for Health

HEMEflow O2™ “Blood Support Extract” contains Phytotherapeutic Formulations of Angelica sinensis, Cordyceps sinensis, Curcuma longa, Cnidum monerii, Zingiber officinale, and Cinnamomum verum. HEMEflow O2 contains six of the most effective immune supporting biologics with proven effects in supporting blood flow and oxygenation. Hypoxia reduces production of ATP, leading to energy failure,

anaerobic depolarization, functional damage of ion pumps, and receptor activation of the N-methyl-D-asparticacid receptor. This triggers Ca2. influx leading to cell damage or even death.

CHAGAplus™ “Immune Support Extract” contains Phytotherapeutic Formulations of Inonotus obliquus, Ganoderma lingzhi, Curcuma longa, Zingiber officinale, Withania somnifera and Cinnamomum verum. CHAGAplus contains six of the most effective immune-supporting biologics with proven effects against colds and influenza. Studies demonstrate that Chaga can prevent the production of harmful cytokines, which trigger inflammation and are associated with disease.

Ionophoric Zn™ “Anti-Viral Extract” contains Phytotherapeutic Formulations of Elitaria cardamomum, Curcuma longa, Camellia sinensis, Cinchona officinalis, Taraxacum officinale, and Cinnamomum verum. The principle action of Ionophoric Zn is to stop viruses from replicating. It does this by introducing zinc (found in Elitaria cardamomum) through the cell membrane via the ionophoric action of Camellia sinensis, Cinchona officinalis and Taraxacum officinale.

Anti - Virus Formulas

Virasol™ “Anti-Viral Extract” contains Phytotherapeutic Formulations of Sambucus nigra, Tabebuia impetiginosa, Isatis indigotica, and Polygonum multiflorum, and Pterocarpus soyauxii

Virasol “Anti-Viral Extract” Formula contains five of the most effective anti-viral biologics with proven effects against influenza and viral infections.

Curecumin™ Organic Turmeric Extract
Turmeric, an anti-inflammatory, is known for a broad spectrum of health benefits. The curcumin found in turmeric root has antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Curecumin,  the Organic Turmeric Extract is noted for its high bio-availability, which helps to relieve pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can speed up the body's healing process and relieve inflammation. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, joint pains, and even digestive issues can be dealt with by consuming this anti-inflammatory extract. Curecumin is uniquely extracted from raw, fresh Hawaiian-grown organic Turmeric root using organic cane alcohol and deep ocean mineral water, to produce the most effective Turmeric product currently on the market.


• Subject: Curecumin Turmeric Extract 

Aloha, I rarely write fan letters, but this is an exceptional product! I have had little to no success treating inflammation with Curcumin capsules. Your product seems to be the One I needed. It’s the only supplement that I have added to my routine and I’m getting results. Please continue to educate and sell your products.

-Maji R.N. Maui, Hawaii 1/6/2020

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Safe and Restful Sleep
SOLID Sleep is a Phytotherapeutic Formulation of Valeriana officinalis, Magnolia officinalis, Nepeta Menthiodes and Passiflora incarnata.  Formulated for maximum effectiveness SOLIDSleep can provide safe and gentle sleep. Together, these four herbal extracts present a powerful spectrum of herbal remedies that address the need to easily fall asleep, and once sleeping have a long and restful sleep.

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Telemax - Longevity formula for your DNA, so you (Do Not Age) is a telomerase-creating natural plant extract that not only stops the degradation of telomeres but rebuilds them and reverses cellular senescence (cell death). Youthful cells create youthful vitality. Telomeres are the protective caps found at the ends of your chromosomes that protect our genetic information during cellular division. For our bodies to heal and function properly, cells must divide to produce new cells to replace old, worn-out cells. Telomeres allow our cells to divide without damaging or scrambling the cells’ genetic information.