Phytomedicinal Technology

Phytotherapeutic Formulations

Inspired by the ancient traditions of Hawaiian medicine, Intelligent Remedies uses a new healing modality: "Phytotherapeutic Formulations." This innovative healing modality utilizes the natural healing power of biologics to promote well-being by extracting the beneficial phytochemical content in water and organic cane alcohol. 


Hydrodistillation is the process whereby the essential molecular content of a plant is extracted in water (hydrophilic extraction), utilizing advanced glass distillation equipment.  The plant material is heated and the resulting steam is captured, condensed and collected.  The carrier medium in the distillation process is the hydrosol (water solution).  Intelligent Remedies distills a wide variety of selected medicinal plants and from this herbal medica formulates its Phytotherapeutic Extraction products.


Intelligent Remedies' proprietary technology is based on the remarkable process whereby water retains the memory of a phytomedicinal plant’s biochemical signature in a resonant water matrix, called entrainment. In the Intelligent Remedies method, advanced laboratory distillation apparatus enables entrainment of the biochemical signature of a desired phytomedicinal plant. This is achieved through prepared protocols by which entrainment is enabled by controlled phase change. 


Water will only carry as much of the phytochemical compounds of a medicinal plant as the steam vapor can lift and only in perfect proportion to the carrying capacity of the vaporized water molecule. When water changes phase from liquid to gas all memory previously entrained in that water is lost. When water vapor changes phase back to liquid (in the condensation phase of distillation) water will entrain utilizing the molecular signature of the first molecule is encounters (even if the actual proportion of phytochemical content is relatively insignificant). The resonant properties of water change as soon as it comes in contact with a new molecular frequency. Whatever water comes in contact with is remembered through the storing of these frequencies, which are transferred to the water upon contact. Water will form a resonant matrix around the biochemical signature of the phytomedicinal compound.

Intelligent Remedies employs proprietary hydrodistillation and extraction technology to extract the desired biologic's natural healing power in both hydrophilic and hydrophobic extractions to formulate its products for maximum effectiveness.