• Subject: Curecumin

I have been using the turmeric extract drops for 3 months.  I have inflammation from arthritis in the first knuckle of my ring finger on both hands.  The drops have helped enormously in relieving the pain and stiffness.  More importantly, since the damage has already been done, the inflammation has remained the same and not gotten worse.  Also, I feared that the inflammation would spread to other areas of my body, however this has not happened.  I feel that the turmeric extract, which I take twice a day, has prevented this from happening. 

Karen K.S. San Jose CA, 1/16/2020



• Subject: Blow Hole Nasal Spray

Thanks for the amazing product. I got my first Blow Hole nasal spray when visiting Maui & 2 days after running out and not using it, I notice a difference! Aloha!

-Taylor O 1/7/2020


• Subject: Curecumin

Aloha, I rarely write fan letters, but this is an exceptional product! I have had little to no success treating inflammation with Curcumin capsules. Your product seems to be the One I needed. It’s the only supplement that I have added to my routine and I’m getting results. Please continue to educate and sell your products.

-Maji R.N. Maui, Hawaii 1/6/2020

• Subject: Virility

Greetings, We bought some Virility at 808 Wellness the other day and love it. We live in WA state. Can you buy it online? 

Thanks! Chris L. 12/23/2019


• Subject: Blow Hole Nose Spray

My friend Bill was getting sick with a cough and cold while on vacation in Maui last week. We found Blow Hole Nose Spray in Jaws Country Store in Haiku-Pauwela, Maui, and bought one. When we read the ingredients we saw it was all-natural we couldn't believe it. I used a drugstore brand here in Florida in June and it had an antihistamine which made my blood pressure go up. So we were very happy to see your brand did not have that.

Linda M . 8/29/2019

•  Subject: Curecumin

I took some “Curecumin Turmeric Extract” in the morning the next day after I saw you, when my back pain was still very bad. I didn't notice too much then. But then took the other half before bed and felt a lot better the next day.

A lot ! -

Danny O, Maui Hawaii . 8/28/2019

• Subject: SOLIDsleep

Sleep deprivation is a debilitating condition. I suffered for years with chronic insomnia and all that goes with it: irritability, lack of focus, low energy. I tried pharmaceutical cures and alcoholic cocktails oftentimes in conjunction. While at times I would pass out and be knocked out, the grogginess and sleep hangover was not much better than not sleeping.  With the widespread acceptance of CBD as a relaxation aid, I thought surely I will be able to sleep. I tried CBD oil and my body began to feel like I would be able to sleep but my mind was not cooperating. Enter Solidsleep. Taken orally (under my tongue) I have been blessed with a cure. A couple of droppers full of Solidsleep promotes a quiet mind that ease- fully opens a benign window through which comes the sleep messenger. I feel energized and buoyant in the morning (WITHOUT any of the fuzzy head or hangover). Tonight I look forward to a restful sleep. And I hope so will you. 

David D 8/5/2019